Share your NO GALLBLADDER experience

Share your NO GALLBLADDER experience

I received some emails regarding their personal experiences without gallbladder and thought of letting other people share their own no gallbladder experiences on my blog.

So, I am opening my blog for those people like me that once had underwent a gallbladder surgery, either through Lap Chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) or open surgery. But mine was a Lap Chole procedure, which left 3 marks. And only the 2 scars are visible because the other scar is located in the navel.

For those ladies and gents that no longer have gallbladder, feel free to share your experiences, tests, and tips on living a life without a gallbladder. What I know is that gallbladder stones or gallstones are most likely to occur in women but I do not have any statistical data for this. And those unattended gallstones will result to gallbladder removal.

The first few days after the gallbladder surgery maybe a hard time for recovery and adjustments. This is the time that a lot of questions will pop up to mind. Yet as time goes, the answers will be uncovered.

Let’s share experiences and tips on moving forward and living with no gallbladder.


10 thoughts on “Share your NO GALLBLADDER experience

  1. I had my gall bladder removed 5 days ago. It’s the worst medical experience I’ve ever had. I’ve had 3 children with one of them being an emergency c section done the old fashioned way. Also a hysterectomy. The onset of gallstones was the worst pain ever. I ended up in the emergency room. I was told after the surgery I would feel better right away. That did not happen. I still have extreme bloating and can barely handle any food. My intestines are traumatized and that function is all messed up too. I’m so overwhelmed and am so sad that what I was told about the surgery did not at all happen to me. My family and friends ask me why aren’t you better yet? You still can’t eat? I’m sick of explaining myself. I think my life has been forever changed and I’m so overwhelmed.

  2. I had my gallbladder removed 5yrs ago when i was 21 and ever since then ive had so many problems with it. Its like i had never had it removed. I have been to numerous doctors who have ran test after test and have found nothing. When i was recovering it took me a little over a month before i could eat solid foods without being in pain. I knew others who had theirs taken out around the same time and they were eating normally within a few days and i have talked to them to see if they have had any problems afterward and theyve all told me that their problems had disappeared after having it removed. So after all the doctors and hearing their stories i felt like i was the only one that was left dealing with it. I still have stabbing pains under my right lower ribs that leave me holding my breath cause it hurts to breathe when i have them. I have indegestion that usually wakes me up at night but i can say it doesnt happen as often as it used to. When i eat i have to make sure i am close to a bathroom because i generally have to rush to the bathroom close to the end of the meal. I havent been able to pinpoint which foodds trigger it because i can it something one day and it wont effect me then when i eat it again im rushing from the table midmeal. And God forbid im not close to a bathroom because if i dont get there quick the pains i get are horrible. My brother is always telling me that he cant see how im not malnurished because my food doesnt stay in my body long enough for my body to absorb the nutrients. My upper belly stays bloated alot and is tender at times. And i am always so gassy. I dont want to scare anyone with my testimony but im sure im not the only one who is still dealing with it years later so im hoping it will give someone comfort that theyre not alone in this!!

    • Have you underwent ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography)? I was scheduled to undergo this procedure because I got admitted with same abdominal and back pains. My surgeon said that maybe there was a small gallbladder stone that escaped during the operation and got stuck in the bile duct.

      But luckily, the pains subsided and the scheduled procedure was cancelled.

  3. Hi Guys,

    got my gb removed 1.01.2011 just 8 weeks after a c-section with my baby. I have lost massive amounts of weight due to the fear of ever suffering that severe pain again of which I suffered during gb attacks. I am terrified to try new foods even low fat dairy foods and low fat products. I would love some advice/encouragement through your own personal experiences of what to eat or not to eat,those of you that have started enjoying life after gb removal and how to get past the terrible fear of eating normal foods again.

    • You can test the food you like. Eat a few then check how your system reacts. Then increase your intake if the result is positive.

  4. Hello First i would like to say i love the site very informitive. I had my GB removed june 22 2011 because it was only working at 27% i found that out from a HIDA scan,I was lucky (thx GOD) not to ever have pain associated with my GB.My problem was i would get nausea for like 4-5 days at a time.Now that it gone i still get nausea sometimes. I was hoping it would go away with the surgey but not as of yet. I got the diarrhia thing going on right after i eat like 5-10 min after, so im going to try some of the sugguestions from the people on the site. Im trying to narrow down whats causing the nausea i think it may be cheese. I will be testing so see if it is.Also im going to follow the foods not to eat tho i kinda have been for over 8 months now. Hopefully in the months to come my body will adjust and the diarrhia and nausea will subside with proper diet.Im 47 yrs old and would like to get back to normal living. Because when your digestive systen is not working propley it messes with you quality of life.

    • Maybe it is because of the kind of foods you eat.

      My first month was purely soft diet, no fried foods, no fatty foods. Then the next month was mixed – soft and few fried chicken and pork. I also ate cereals and oats – fiber-rich foods.

      Have you tried probiotics drinks? It works on me.

  5. Hello, I underwent Lap Chole almost the same time that you did and right now, I feel better but there’s this emptiness and I worry about starting my life – as if it’s my second shot – without a gall bladder. Doctors said that I was too young for this kind of surgery and that made me feel sad. I have three kids and they are still very young. Without my gall bladder I worry about tomorrow. Should I?

    Anyway, right now I am actually eating almost anything but definitely avoided pork, beef and everything fatty. Funny though, I do not drink alcoholic beverages and never smoked all my life. I thought I was healthy, but well, I loved chicharon bulaklak, chicken skin, Lapid’s Chicharon, Bulalo and Goto with ox tripe or intestines… I guess those were the culprits.

    I do not feel any uneasiness or gas when I eat chocolates, ice cream, drink coffee. I take small servings though just to ease the craving.

    Thanks so much for creating this and I hope to hear from you again. I’ll go ahead and read on to be fully educated.

    • Worry? No!

      Why should you? Be positive! Enjoy your life with your children. I too has a child. Everytime I have a free time, I enjoy it with my son.

      In no time you will have your life back – you can eat and drink what you want. But just test it before doing the big bite or the big gulp.

      God bless…

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