Gallbladder Post Surgery

Gallbladder Post Surgery

Hey there, I’m a first timer. It’s been two weeks since my operation and I’m wishing I could go back in time. In hindsight, I think they whipped my gallbladder out to quickly. I’ve been feeling pretty average and reading some terrible stories about people who suffer after surgery. My dad had his out about a year ago and he assures me it takes around six months for your body to adjust! I wish someone had of told me that. All I was told is that 90% of people tolerate it very well, but the more I read about anatomy the more I realize how important this little organ is. I guess it’s just a waiting game. I have had a year of feeling average with all the tests in the world and when they finally discovered that my gallbladder was a bit problematic I thought that this was the solution. Now I’m not so convinced. I stayed on a good diet for six months and didn’t improve dramatically. Well I guess I’ll be staying on an even stricter diet now and taking probiotics and what not. Going to the surgeon tomorrow to grill him as to why they whipped it out so quickly. Don’t put your life in doctors hands people. I wish I hadn’t of. I’d love some simple tips on how to deal with nausea, acid and getting past this initial period of feeling like hell. A simple diet I guess would be best? Time machine anyone?

My Story – Without Gallbladder

This is my story without gallbladder

I am new here so I am going to tell everyone a bit about myself and my stomach problems.  I am now 31 years old.  When I was younger I was allergic to lots of foods (dairy etc.) but nothing actually bothered me too much.  Beginning in my last year in law school (approx. age 27)  I began having weird stomach problems.  Mostly consisting of bloating and immediate rushing to the bathroom after meals.  I saw 10+ gastro doctors and had every test under the sun – nothing was found.  I tried every herbal and prescription med out there.  In the end they diagnosed me with IBS and Gerd – because they had no idea what it was.

Fast forward, in Nov. 2009 I went to another gastro doctor.  They ran one more test – scan of my gallbladder and found it was functioning at 14%.  The next day they took it out.  And if I thought my stomach problems were bad before it was taken out – I had no idea what was in store for me!

For the first 3 months after the surgery (lapro) I had immediate dumping syndrome to everything I ate – from bread to crackers – everything! I tried everything under the sun again for bile reflux – nothing really worked.

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