Gallbladder Post Surgery

Gallbladder Post Surgery

Hey there, I’m a first timer. It’s been two weeks since my operation and I’m wishing I could go back in time. In hindsight, I think they whipped my gallbladder out to quickly. I’ve been feeling pretty average and reading some terrible stories about people who suffer after surgery. My dad had his out about a year ago and he assures me it takes around six months for your body to adjust! I wish someone had of told me that. All I was told is that 90% of people tolerate it very well, but the more I read about anatomy the more I realize how important this little organ is. I guess it’s just a waiting game. I have had a year of feeling average with all the tests in the world and when they finally discovered that my gallbladder was a bit problematic I thought that this was the solution. Now I’m not so convinced. I stayed on a good diet for six months and didn’t improve dramatically. Well I guess I’ll be staying on an even stricter diet now and taking probiotics and what not. Going to the surgeon tomorrow to grill him as to why they whipped it out so quickly. Don’t put your life in doctors hands people. I wish I hadn’t of. I’d love some simple tips on how to deal with nausea, acid and getting past this initial period of feeling like hell. A simple diet I guess would be best? Time machine anyone?

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  1. Rep. Jack Murtha goes in for gallbladder surgery and is now dead from complications? Even with the best care in the world, when you number is up, you’ll go. I spent 42 days in the hospital from complications following bypass surgery. I’m just glad that the doctors kept on giving me the best care possible w/o some bureaucratic bean counter intervening with a cost analysis opinion that I wasn’t worth the cost. Under the British or Canadian Heath Care Service , I would have been made as comfortable as possible with morphine probably with a dose strong enough to end my suffering .Expensive? You bet!! I’ve never made more that $30K a year any year of my working life, but I always made the sacrifices needed to obtain the best insurance I could afford and I didn’t need nanny government to do it. Life is full of choices and compromises, and far too many in our population have relinquished the responsibility of making those choices to the State. Do we need health reform? Damn right we do! But the first step should be in limiting the actions of the tort lawyers and allowing insurance companies to REALLY compete across State lines, and not allowing ILLEGAL aliens to be treated through the largess of OUR tax dollars.

  2. that I was too young for this kind of surgery and that made me feel sad. I have three kids and they are still very young. Without my gall blddaer I worry about tomorrow. Should I? Anyway, right now I am actually eating almost anything but definitely avoided pork, beef and everything fatty. Funny though, I do not drink alcoholic beverages and never smoked all my life. I thought I was healthy, but well, I loved chicharon bulaklak, chicken skin, Lapid’s Chicharon, Bulalo and Goto with ox tripe or intestines I guess those were the culprits. I do not feel any uneasiness or gas when I eat chocolates, ice cream, drink coffee. I take small servings though just to ease the craving. Thanks so much for creating this and I hope to hear from you again. I’ll go ahead and read on to be fully educated.[] said on Jul 26, 2011 Worry? No!Why should you? Be positive! Enjoy your life with your children. I too has a child. Everytime I have a free time, I enjoy it with my son.In no time you will have your life back you can eat and drink what you want. But just test it before doing the big bite or the big gulp.God bless

  3. I wouldn’t freak out too much about it since it’s already done. I don’t know how severe you problems with your gall bladder were but once you have issues with it, the problem is always there.

    I’ve been without mine for 9 months now and doing pretty good, but two weeks after surgery I certainly wasn’t lol. Give it more time I bet you’ll be fine.

  4. Hi,

    Bit confused when was your gallbladder got removed. You said, “It’s been two weeks since my operation.” And later you said, “I stayed on a good diet for six months.”

    But whichever the case, the recovery will depend on how fast your body can adjust to the absence of gallbladder and the continuous flow of bile.

    On my part, I started to feel normal after 2 months. The soft diet, no fatty, no oily foods helped on my first 2 months. And a divided meal as been suggested help in the digestion of food. My full breakfast was divided into 2; half was eaten at 7am, the remaining at 9am. My half meal for lunch was at 12noon, then the other half at 3pm. My dinner meal was half at 6pm, the other at 9pm. And every time I stayed late at night I had my midnight snacks.

    Probiotics drinks is also helpful.

    And a regular daily walk.

    God bless,

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