Test: Eating fried fatty pork

I was surprised to see the dish served at the table yesterday – a deep-fried fatty pork with skin.

When I sat on the chair, I was saying to myself, “Am I going to eat this fried pork with fats and skin?” So, I looked at the other dish, a more favorable one – fish. But since it’s already 4 months after my lap chole procedure, 2 months after I got hospitalized and was supposedly scheduled for an ERCP procedure, I thought that it would be another food to test.

The pork meat was smaller than the fats on all cuts. As I took a bite on the fried pork, I felt the fats and the oil but with well cooked meat and crunchy skin. And it was great to eat back the food that I longed for. I have been fasting for months on delicious yet to be avoided foods because I no longer have a gallbladder. But yesterday, I took another test, another step of eating back normally – eating a to be avoided food.
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According to Wikipedia:

Endoscopy means looking inside and typically refers to looking inside the body for medical reasons using an endoscope, an instrument used to examine the interior of a hollow organ or cavity of the body. Unlike most other medical imaging devices, endoscopes are inserted directly into the organ. Endoscopy can also refer to using a borescope in technical situations where direct line of-sight observation is not feasible.

Endoscopy has different uses. In can be done in gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) examination. This nonsurgical method is being used to check a person’s digestive tract with the use of an endoscope – a flexible pipe with a light and camera attached. The images captured by the camera of your digestive tract is being transmitted and viewed on a monitor. But once the procedure is set to the small intestine, it is then called enteroscopy.

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Test: Drinking cola for 1 week

No gallbladder and Pepsi Max

After my test on eating fried chicken, I made another test – drinking 1 glass of cola per day for 1 week. And since I already drank a glass in the fast food, I only needed 6 more days.

I was thinking like, how will my system react if I drink cola for 1 week? Knowing that I now live a life without gallbladder.

It so happened that when we went to SM Cebu grocery they have a bonus promo. And the first thing I saw was the pack of 3 Pepsi Max. So I checked the price on the pack and compared to the individual bottles. And it was less and also had a free ketchup. But before I put the pack in the push cart, I checked on the expiry date. And the best before date was way to far – May 14, 2010. So, I added the Pepsi Max trio in the cart.
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