Test: Eating fried chicken in fast food

No gallbladder and KFC fried chicken

I made a test yesterday. Eating a KFC fried chicken. A test on how it goes on my digestive system – without gallbladder.

Fried chicken and gravy in fastfood – I don’t know what’s the total fat content of this. What I know is that this food should be avoided for the person without gallbladder. It falls under the “foods to avoid” in food list: Fatty foods – fried meats.

My fasting for KFC fried chicken for about 5 months ended yesterday. Since my first gallstone attack last August 2009, I stopped eating KFC fried chicken. Then came yesterday, my wife and I decided to eat lunch in the mall since we were going to buy our weekly consumption. My wife said that I should take the breast part because it has all meat and less skin. But I said no. I want to eat my favorite part – the thigh.

I was thinking of the worst case scenario – a sudden diarrhea. And I was also thinking of the solution – nearest pharmacy and rest room. The pharmacy was not a problem since it was a watson’s pharmacy located in the ground floor, below the KFC. And the rest room was also not a problem because SM-Cebu has more because of the addition of its North Wing. Because of these, I assured myself that if ever the worst case scenario happens, I already had plans.

I took my first bite not on the chicken but on fried french fries, which is also part of the “foods to avoid” in food list: Fatty foods – french fries. I ate about 5 sticks then proceeded to my fried chicken. I slowly ate the chicken. And sipped a cola, which is another “foods to avoid” in food list: Caffeine containing beverages – colas. Wow, I was taking in the foods to avoid. After I was done eating, I felt some gas mumbling in my stomach. But I did not mind it, I sipped more Pepsi. Then burped out the gas. At that particular time, I said to myself that I am okey – I passed the after-eating diarrhea.

We went out of the KFC and strolled. My 1-year old son enjoyed the things that he saw. He enjoyed malling. But my son fell asleep so we stayed in the bench near a coffee shop. I did not notice the time and I did not count the time after I ate. But I was glad that no diarrhea occurred.

We went home after buying groceries.

We ate dinner and I thought that the diarrhea might occur after dinner. But not. I was glad that there was no diarrhea, no stomach pains, no epigastric pains, no back pains. Nothing.

I just hope that it will continue to be so…

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  1. Fried chicken in fast food should be eaten in moderate for person without gallbladder.

    But it seems testing it is a good way to check the reaction of one’s body.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    I am about to undergo gallbladder removal in a couple of days.

    Hope I still can eat chicken in my fave fastfood.

    • YES!

      But it depends on how your digestive system react. Better test it, eat a few fried chicken bits. Then observe how your body reacts.

  3. Hi, thanks for your information

    Actually after 1 week life without gallbladder i am very stress how to continue my normal life, after read your post i think i must wake up see the positive point in future.
    Normally how long after operation to get normal life? after 1 week my stomach it’s no good so many gasses in my stomach also some pain


    Ronald Rusco

  4. Thanks Christian for reading my blog. I hope it helps in a little way…

    At first, I thought of gallstone home remedy – gallbladder stone flushing. Then I asked my doctor about it. He said it is too risky, because the gallbladder will exert more effort to pump out more bile because of the olive oil. And if stone gets stuck in the bile duct, an ERCP is required. Then cholecystectomy will be done (either laparoscopic or open) if there are still gallstones in the gallbladder.

    And I tried it. Drinking apple juice at first for five days as preparation. But I was not able to finish the five-day preparation, I did not continue on the third day. It was because every night after drinking apple juice as dinner, about 2-3 hours after, I felt an abdominal pain then the pain radiated to my back. The epigastric pain was tolerable but the back pain was not. The excruciating pain at the back was so intense that I did not wait for the 2-hour period of the pain reliever.

    Because of series of colic attack – epigastric pain and back pain, I opted for Lap chole (laparoscopic cholecystectomy)…

    Good luck to your operation…

  5. Hi there. I found your blog through Entrecard – and I was thrilled to find it. I had my gallbladder out two weeks ago (it’ll be exactly two weeks ago in a couple hours, actually).

    I was so nervous about eating right after surgery, but things have been going pretty well. I lost my appetite almost completely for the first week, but I still ate, making sure to be gentle on my system while it got used to the new way of doing things.

    I haven’t had fries, fried food or cola, but I have had some treats like going out for Thai for my husband’s birthday. Alcohol seems to be fine, too, though I don’t drink much anyway.

    I think testing (rather than assuming) is the best way to go when you’re eating without your gallbladder. I’ve only encountered mild digestive distress, but that’s more than enough to remind me that my body is operating differently now.

  6. I don’t remember how I happened across your blog but I was very interested since I am living my life without a gallbladder too! About 2 years ago, I had my gall bladder removed laprascopically. Since then I’ve eaten everything I want to including fatty, spicy food with no effect. I had the gall bladder removed because one night I woke up with such severe pain that I had to go to the ER. The pictures showed a blocked bile duct (blocked with a great big gall stone). They gave me pain killers and I went to a thoracic surgeon who took out the gall bladder and the stone a week or so later. Since then I have been able to eat everything. Just wanted you to know. 🙂

    • Thanks for your first-hand information…

      I read somewhere about a person eating everything after his gallbladder was removed and it’s also after 2 years. I also have a friend who’s gallbladder is removed and she said that she eats normally but when I asked her when she was operated, she replied more than 1 year ago. So, it boils down to the timeframe after which the surgery was done.

      For my part, it’s only 3 months after the operation. And I am being careful because I ought to have an ERCP procedure this month because I got admitted last December for epigastric and back pains. The surgeon suspected that there might be a small stone in the bile duct although none was visible in the ultrasound. But because of financial problem, I decided to postponed the procedure until I get the budget. Or maybe not to undergo the procedure at all. That’s why I am test eating the foods to be avoided.

      Hope I get through with this…

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