Eating Cheese Sticks

Last year, I made a test – Eating cheese and dairy products. That was few months after my lap chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) operation. Even without gallbladder, I ate a home-made burger with cheese, butter and mayonnaise and to test how my system would react to dairy products. And the outcome of the test – upset stomach, gas was formed and grumbled inside my stomach. Although it was not a system overload, but it was a warning.

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Test: Eating cheese and dairy products

My wife prepared a home-made burger yesterday. I just thought it would be a plain burger. But not, it had cheese, butter and mayonnaise in it. I had a second thought of eating it because of the dairy products, which is part of the “to be avoided foods” in the food list that I have.

However, part of me wanted to eat, to test how my system would react with dairy products; cheese, butter and mayonnaise .

And so I ate.

I felt the cheese when I took my first bite. So, I opened the bun and saw an uneven slice of about 1/4″ x 2″ x 4″ cheese and the mayonnaise dripping on the side. Then I thought, “this must be good dairy test”.
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