To Pop or Not to Pop Popcorn?

I am 8 days out of surgery and so far doing pretty well.  The first half of the week i ate a lot of fat free crackers, canned peaches, and English muffins and had a couple of nights of very painful bloating and some diarrhea. These last few days I’ve been able to eat rice, tilapia, steamed veggies, oatmeal, french toast made with low cal bread, egg substitute, and I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter Spray, and small amount of syrup. I also had half of a chocolate chip cookie from McDonald’s (which tasted like heaven) and saved the other half for the next day. I’ve had what I consider to be minimal bloating compared to those earlier nights. The last day or so I’ve been craving popcorn, which has been a frequent snack for me before surgery. I usually always eat either air popped popcorn with I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter Spray or 94% Fat Free Microwave Popcorn. Does anybody know what the consensus is on popcorn whether others have been able to eat it and why it is bad, if it is? Also, popcorn at the movies without butter bad too?

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