My Office Companion is Water, not Coffee

drinking water without gallbladderMy officemates have coffee on their desk to fight yawning and get some energy boost. It’s free courtesy of the company that we work for. And I really love the smell of the newly prepared coffee especially the pure black coffee.

Although the 3-in-1 coffee packs have their own flavors and aroma as well, but it can’t be compared to the pure black coffee.

Even before my gallbladder was removed, I am not into coffee. I usually get an upset stomach every after cup of coffee. Bo’s Coffee, Coffee Dream, and Starbucks can’t get into my nerve either brewed or cold. So, I end up drinking tea.

On my desk, a mug of water is my companion. A cold water is enough for me. I usually consumed not less than 6 mugs of cold water for the entire 8-hour work.  And I think its enough to get me hydrated for the whole period. Not to mention that it acts as cleanser, more commonly referred as the universal solvent – the water.

Gastric Pain and Diarrhea after Breakfast

This morning I felt a pain that needed a medicine. Few minutes after eating my breakfast, I experienced a gastric pain that was intense that I took a Buscopan Plus tablet. It was accompanied by a diarrhea in which I spent more time in the rest room.

Then, I realized that I stayed late and slept around 2am, which came to a further realization that I did not eat a midnight snacks/meal. This was the advise that was given to me by my doctors that if and when I stay late, I must eat.

Constant burping in relation to no gallbladder

I’m now annoyed with the constant burping I am experiencing.

It is more frequent now than the days after my lap chole (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) surgery. After I got discharged from the Cebu Doctor’s Hospital, I experienced some burping and I just thought it was the remaining air that the doctors pumped into my stomach during removal of my gallbladder. I felt bloated for around 2 weeks after the procedure and the burping goes on. So I thought it was normal to have a frequent burping.

But those times, the gas came out not as often as today. Not as frequent as today that I burped almost every after 5 minutes. I tried to count how many burp I got for a day but lost track. I only noticed this constant burping after my hospitalization last December. And I only thought that it was due to medicines I was taking. Now that I am not taking any medications, I experienced this constant burping.
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