Gastric Pain and Diarrhea after Breakfast

This morning I felt a pain that needed a medicine. Few minutes after eating my breakfast, I experienced a gastric pain that was intense that I took a Buscopan Plus tablet. It was accompanied by a diarrhea in which I spent more time in the rest room.

Then, I realized that I stayed late and slept around 2am, which came to a further realization that I did not eat a midnight snacks/meal. This was the advise that was given to me by my doctors that if and when I stay late, I must eat.

4 thoughts on “Gastric Pain and Diarrhea after Breakfast

  1. To avoid such pains its better to set your time table and avoid fatty foods start taking fruit juice as much as you can in your breakfast hope this problem will never arise, best of luck…

  2. One way to overcome a stomach ache in the morning is to maintain your diet. Do not eat too much at night. Eat a modest, if not an empty stomach, then the next morning, you will wake up with a fresh body.

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