Eating Too Hot & Spicy Food

The other day I brought a local Cebuano food – Paklay for my lunch. It looks yummy and this is one of my favorites.

The Paklay (tripe stew) that I brought was made of pork innards Рtripe, liver and heart, pork skin, and bamboo shoot. It was saut̩ed and cooked with ginger and chilies. It also contains strips of green and red bell peppers, and carrots.

I thought it was not that hot and spicy and I’d be safe from eating too hot & spicy food without gallbladder.

My first few spoons was good and I felt the regular hot and spicy flavor of the Paklay. But during my second serving of rice, I slowly felt that it was very hot and spicy. My colleague even noticed as I often blow some air. As I continue eating, I felt the sweat on my forehead – this is my sign that I eat too hot and spicy food. I finished my meal with cold water.

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New to this – No Gallbladder

No Gallbladder

Hi all, so I had my gall bladder out on July 5th, I’m not doing too bad now, I think the recovery process is finally really coming along. I’m still having some gas issues causing some pain but it isn’t bad, and is getting better. I make sure I walk each day and I’m sure that is helping a lot. My incisions are mostly healed though, the worst part is that there was a bandaid used on my arm that I’m allergic too, so it’s been itchy. lol

I’m trying to mostly stay away from fatty foods though as I’m sure that wouldn’t help with the gas stuff. I’m hoping that goes away in time as I think it’s still pretty sensitive right now. I usually feel the pain the most when I go for those walks.