Thanksgiving and my gall story

Hello again, I posted here in July shortly after I had my surgery. I didn’t however tell my story of how I ended up needing the operation yet, and since it’s thanksgiving (in Canada) I thought I’d come talk about how I’m doing now and how the first big holiday meal went without a gall bladder. A bit of a warning, this turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would, so if you decide to read it, thank you XD if not, no problem lol

So first my horror story -_- the first time I noticed a problem was in 2007. I had a particularly unhealthy weekend starting with pizza with some scotch on Friday which gave me some stomach pains 20 minutes or so after eating that ended up going away in a little while. Saturday the same pain after my meal but it went away. I wasn’t yet too worried and thought I just had a bug or something. Sunday however was different. I had a spaghetti meal and after 20 minutes that pain came back again, only this time it didn’t go away, it got worse. So I layed down, and it got worse, so I paced around, and it got WORSE, then I was sick and with the pain being so intense, realized it was time to go and wait for hours in the emergency room. My dad gave me a ride there and while waiting in the ER the pain mostly went away. I ended up going home with some percs and a scheduled ultrasound exam for the morning, which my family doctor revealed those results to me, being that I had sludge in my gall bladder :/ so I went on a diet of rice and veggies for a year -_-.. that sucked loll I couldn’t really have a whole lot else without getting pain. After that however it seemed I was cured. I was back to eating and drinking what I pleased.

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New to this – No Gallbladder

No Gallbladder

Hi all, so I had my gall bladder out on July 5th, I’m not doing too bad now, I think the recovery process is finally really coming along. I’m still having some gas issues causing some pain but it isn’t bad, and is getting better. I make sure I walk each day and I’m sure that is helping a lot. My incisions are mostly healed though, the worst part is that there was a bandaid used on my arm that I’m allergic too, so it’s been itchy. lol

I’m trying to mostly stay away from fatty foods though as I’m sure that wouldn’t help with the gas stuff. I’m hoping that goes away in time as I think it’s still pretty sensitive right now. I usually feel the pain the most when I go for those walks.