life without gallbladder

Life Without Gallbladder

A journey of life after gallbladder removal surgery

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My Journey

I began experiencing severe pain after eating fried food and throwing up. On August 24, the pain was so severe I went to the ER. When it was decided it wasn’t my heart I was ignored for 4 hours in pain and still throwing up. I finally left and went back home only to return to a different ER 6 hours later. They gave me morphine every two hours then sent me home with a prescription for pain pills. I called my Dr. and saw him August 26. A HIDA scan was scheduled for August 28. Nothing could be seen during the HIDA scan. I was unable to reach my Dr. the next two days. Our clerk at school was extremely worried and got an appointment for me to see an internal medicine Dr. He immediately referred me to a surgeon ASAP and told me if the pain intensified to get to the ER.

About 10 pm on August 31, I began having stabbing pains and off I went to the ER. Once again they gave me pain meds and sent me home. I saw my surgeon 7 hours later after an ultra sound and he scheduled surgery for 4:30 pm. It was to be lap chole. One he began the procedure, he had to do open instead. My gall bladder was full of stones, inflamed, infected, and had adhered to my liver. He said it was the worst he had ever seen. I was admitted to the hospital Sept 1 and came home Sept. 4. I am doing much better now although the staples are beginning to really bother me and itch. Looking back, I did have symptoms but didn’t realize it was my gallbladder. Thank God for my surgeon.

Share your NO GALLBLADDER experience

Share your NO GALLBLADDER experience

I received some emails regarding their personal experiences without gallbladder and thought of letting other people share their own no gallbladder experiences on my blog.

So, I am opening my blog for those people like me that once had underwent a gallbladder surgery, either through Lap Chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) or open surgery. But mine was a Lap Chole procedure, which left 3 marks. And only the 2 scars are visible because the other scar is located in the navel.

For those ladies and gents that no longer have gallbladder, feel free to share your experiences, tests, and tips on living a life without a gallbladder. What I know is that gallbladder stones or gallstones are most likely to occur in women but I do not have any statistical data for this. And those unattended gallstones will result to gallbladder removal.

Exercise After Gallbladder Removal

Exercise After Gallbladder Removal

Exercise and No Gallbladder

Someone asked me what did I do right after my gallstone/gallbladder surgery through Lap Chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy)? Did I exercise? What exercise did I execute? Did I go to gym?

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