Got Admitted After The Operation

Last week I got admitted to the Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital as I experienced again a severe abdominal and back pains. The pain only subsided when Dra. Singidas told the nurse to administer nubain because for 4 hours since I was admitted in the hospital, no ordinary pain reliever medicines (oral and intravenous) managed to mellow the pain. And before that, I even took a pain reliever tablet before we went to the hospital.

Series of laboratory exams were made. More blood were extracted. The nurse took blood samples 3 times with 2 vials each hit. The findings Dr. Rosello was that either before or during the lap chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) operation there was a stone that went out from the gallbladder. Then, he advised me to undergo ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) procedure.

Dr. Rosello arranged me for an ERCP procedure at 10 in the morning the following day but the nurse told us that there was no available #8 needle and that we need to secure it from outside pharmacy. Then few hours later another nurse informed me that my procedure was rescheduled to the afternoon. And as my wife tried to purchase the needed needle, Dr. Rosello arrived and told me that the ERCP machine in the hospital was broken. And that he can do it but on a different hospital, Perpetual Succor Hospital on the afternoon of the scheduled day.

Moreso, an insurance agent arrived and informed me that I am no longer covered with the insurance because I am about PhP 4K away to the enrolled policy limit. So, we need to produce around PhP 40K in cash for the ERCP procedure. My wife and I discussed as to where we can get that amount of money in 1 day. Plus the outstanding bill of the hospital.

So, we decided to cancel the ERCP procedure with the consent of my surgeon and will be scheduled around January next year. But hopefully, this procedure will no longer be made.

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