Eating Calzone

One of my officemates treated the rest of us with a Calzone from a local pizza house, Ryan’s Pizzarelli House. It was ordered through phone and was delivered in the office during the afternoon snack time. It was a Throwdown Calzone, which was stuffed with beef, bologna, salami, chorizo bilbao, mushroom, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, and onion. It was my first time to eat a calzone, though I already eat a lot of pizzas before. And I can say it was good and delicious. So yummy. You can feel the melted cheese when you bite. You can taste the ingredients.

Then one of my officemates asked if it’s okay to for me to eat a calzone since it has cheese and I no longer have a gallbladder. I replied that I don’t know because I hadn’t eaten one before. So, it was a test if eating a calzone is okay for me, a person without a gallbladder. But I was positive that I will be fine because I was able to eat a lot of pizzas before, though I wasn’t able to post here how my system reacted.

So, the result of eating calzone with no gallbladder was good. Eventhough, cheese was part of the foods to be avoided, but I did not get an upset stomach – no stomach discomfort. I am safe to eat calzone eventhough I don’t have a gallbladder anymore.

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