Drinking Tequila

We had our company outing at Mantayupan Falls in Barili last June 3, 2012. It was a planned event as the company owner is scheduled to go back to Bend, Oregon, United States by June 11, 2012.

But bringing, buying and even drinking tequila was not part of the plan. It suddenly came into picture when my officemate suggested in buying a tequila when the van that the company rented stopped at a gasoline station in Gorordo Avenue. Then another officemate suggested to buy the tequila in Carcar City instead because we will be buying our food there.

When we reached Carcar City, the van parked at a gasoline station. My other officemates disembarked to buy food – chicharon baboy, lechon manok, and puso`. I also stepped out and went inside the gasoline station’s shop to check if they are selling tequila.

Yes, indeed! But they only have Mojitos Gold and Silver Tequilas. I went back to our service van and asked my officemates if will drink Mojitos Tequila. They nodded and had me checked the price. I went back to the shop and only asked for the price of Mojitos Gold Tequila because it has a free drinking glass while the Mojitos Silver Tequila doesn’t have. Price of Mojitos Gold Tequila: PhP 250. We gave our individual shares and purchased the Mojitos Gold Tequila. We asked our other officemate, who bought our food to include salt and lemon lime.

Mantayupan Falls

We reached the Mantayupan Falls. My first impression: WOW!

The water was cold so the tequila was a good buy.

We had our lunch, I ate chicharon baboy, lechon manok, and puso`. And then few minutes later, we started our drinking session. I never had drink tequila after my gallbladder surgery. I only drank beer and rum. It was my first taste of tequila after my gallbladder operation and it was my first time to drink a Mojitos Gold Tequila. Been drinking Jose Cuervo Tequila before.

Drinking tequila without a gallbladder did not give me any stomach discomfort – no upset stomach, no diarrhea, no digestive reaction.

So, now I can say that drinking tequila without a gallbladder is safe to me from now on.

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  1. Mojitos tequila is not tequila…don’t know what it is but it is not tequila…which is made from blue agave that only grows in Jalisco Mexico…only grows there

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