After breakfast pain – without gallbladder

I woke up around 7 am because my 1-year old son woke me up. I carried him downstairs and gave to my wife. I already felt some pain in my stomach. I just thought it’s a normal hunger pain. So, I ate breakfast. But after I ate my breakfast, the pain did not subside but rather severed.

I went to rest room thinking it will help mellow the pain. But not.

I took an anti-diarrhea medicine and went back to bed to rest.

Although I anticipated that every after breakfast, I would feel some stomach pain since I’m experiencing it some times since my gallbladder operation. I knew that there will be times that I will be experiencing stomach pain after eating breakfast because I don’t have a gallbladder anymore. It may take some time for my system to adjust because there’s no gallbladder that stores bile, so it just continuously flows.

I thought that this morning’s pain was just ordinary but it’s not, a pain that lasted for more than an hour. Even though it was bearable yet the discomfort was not.

Is this a life-long every-after-breakfast stomach pain because I no longer have a gallbladder? Hope not.

3 thoughts on “After breakfast pain – without gallbladder

  1. I experienced after breakfast pain and even had a diarrhea even if I still have a gallbladder.

    But since you don not have a gallbladder anymore, most likely you will experience it frequently.

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