1 Year of Life Without Gallbladder

It’s been a year now of living life with no gallbladder.

Right after the Lap Chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) operation, I thought I would become a vegetarian. But the hospital served chicken – on a low fat diet. So, meat was still part of my diet. Then, we bought a microwave oven for cooking my food. And even thought of buying a steam cooker.

Yet, after doing some tests on eating the foods to be avoided, I managed to eat some fatty foods. And even end up eating the foods that I regularly eat.

4 thoughts on “1 Year of Life Without Gallbladder

  1. Low Grade fevers 3 mohnts after Gall bladder surgery! Please Help me!?I am 29F and had a gall bladder removal on Jan. 9th. After wards the surgeon didn’t come see me and I didn’t get release papers, though I’ve had two surgeries before, so I knew what’s normal and what’s not. They had me spend the night I felt fine and incision sites were fine, and no fever. The next day they sent me home. Still feeling fine until later that night my incisions started to turn red and start to get puss. I had a Dr call in Antibiotics. They didn’t seem to work, so they put me on a different kind and that didn’t work. It is not April 13th and I’m still having fevers. They run from 99.3 when waking and when just walking around or going to the Dr office and back they will get higher usually around 100.5 but they have gone as high as 101.8. I also have stomach pain after eating, my incision sites still hurt, two out of the four still have not heeled properly, I’m exhausted easily, have only been eating about 800 calories but gained 28 lbs in the first 8 wks now I’m stuck at 23 lbs heavier than normal. Lost a few but not much. Also my waist went from 27 inches to at one time 39 inches. I’m a model and actress and they’re is no way of being able to work like this. I also will get dizzy spells from time to time and went through a time where I had a migraine everyday for about two mohnts thank goodness that’s gotten a lot better. My stomach is still very tender and I can’t lift anything without pain and feeling nausous. Have gone to Cedars, UCLA and even went all the way to Mayo in MN and all the Dr’s either tell me I’m crazy eventhough my parents have been there by my side through it all and have seen what I’m going through or they tell me I’m healing fine. Why are they not worried about the fevers? Oh and this past week I’ve gotten golf ball size boils on my legs and my gums have gotten inflamed, itchy and red. What can that be caused from? To me I think I have a staph infection. Does anyone else have a story like this or knows what’s going on??? Please please help me!! THank you!!

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