Medicines In My Drawer

I was looking for something in my drawer then I saw a bunch of medicines. Wow, I took a lot of different kinds of medicines before and after my Lap Chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) operation, which removed my gallstones and my gallbladder. Thus, living a life with no gallbladder.

Norgesic Forte Tablet is manufactured by iNova Pharmaceuticals (Phils), Inc and distributed by Metro Drug Distribution. It contains 50 mg of Orphenadrine citrate, and 650 mg of paracetamol. Its approved therapeutic usage as listed in MIMS Philippines: Acute or chronic painful muscular conditions, non-articular rheumatism, whiplash injury, acute torticollis, tension headache, dysmenorrhea.

I was given this tablet when I first complained of lower right abdominal pain that was I think about 2 years before my operation. Though my laboratory tests returned negative findings, I took it for about a week.

And few days after the operation, it was also prescribed when I complained about the pain around my navel.

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  1. Hey Hello, Had my GB taken out when I was 25 via keyhole surgey. They told me there shouldnt be any issues but some people experienced odd bowl movements etc.Anyway being 25 I was still drinking with the lads and having too many Maccy D’s etc. Single guy. Working awkward shift patterns. Eating at non-normal times. Guess at the time my body could cope with it in its own way. Things started to happen and I guess I just accepted it but I didnt really do much about it. Tried to watch what i ate .Stopped drinking altogether (birthdays/weddings and bar-b-q’s dont I have just turned 39 last week and to be honest I’ve noticed some changes. Its only now that I’d started to realise that I need to think about what I eat! Cut out all the fats. Some days are worse than others. Sometimes everything is fine. You just cannot eat like a normal person well I am sure you know what I mean. You eat the incorrect stuff You’ll know about it.Symtoms for me vary from Eating certain foods. After say 5-10 mins suddenly getting intense stomach/bowl pain and having to rush to the loo asap to explode. Doesnt smell too nice either. I can imagine its silmilar to rotting cabbages hehe.Sometimes I’ll go to the loo maybe 3-6 times a day. Not really alot there seems to empty out in bits at a time. Sometimes I wont go to the loo for a few days.Stomach bloats up and doesnt really go until the next day (Assume this is because I am eating the incorrect foods and the body struggles to digest it and may take 2-3 times as longer to digest)Vary rarely do I have solid stools. Appears to be more liquidy than anything. Sometimes I swear its just neat Bile (greeny/yellowy)If I do have a heavy meal. I bloat up and I get a twinge at the top rightand side of my stomach but it does fade after a while.It feels like how I’d imagine the symtoms for IBS would be?Anyhows. I guess people like us can lead ordinary lifes but we just gotta be more careful about what we eat. I’ve kinda just plodded along eating normally and having to face the consequences with it too if needed.My next step now is to make changes to what I eat. Put on a 1.5 stone in weight and sitting at a desk all day isnt really exercise. Well just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Not sure If I have helped but hey here if ya need to ask anything or compare notes. lol LaterzzzKind Regards,King

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