life without gallbladder

Life Without Gallbladder

A journey of life after gallbladder removal surgery

Poll: Weight Status After Gallbladder Surgery

What is your current weight after your gallbladder surgery?

Happy New Year

Have a Blessed 2015 to all people without gallbladder!

Trusting doctors with your gall bladder

Like the comment I don’t trust doctors at all and here is why. Unlike the last commenter my gall bladder was not removed until it was extremely painful and when they took it out it was gangrenous and it almost killed me. Doctors have killed 2 of my sisters one by not properly diagnosing lung cancer until it was stage 4 and other by not treating another sister after finding stage 1 lung cancer. I have seen people in my family die and almost die because of incompetence and carelessness. I have seen them giving one drug and then another because the first drug cause another problem and on and on and on. In addition I worked in hospitals for 41 years and saw the good, bad and the ugly and believe me there are plenty of mistakes and not only in surgery.

To stay healthy or to get healthy do your research and don’t be afraid to ask your physician questions; and challenge your physician and always, always before surgery get a second and even third opinion. And if your young considering becoming a physicians because we are in dire need of good ones.

Veggie Time: Pizza Hut Caesar Salad


The company that I am currently employed, gave us some food treat – lunch at Pizza Hut. Part of the combo meal that we ordered was the Caesar Salad – 2 bowls of green leafy vegetables with topping and dressings. It has crisp romaine lettuce, bacon crumble, parmesan cheese, and herbed croutons tossed in Pizza Hut’s own¬†Caesar dressing.

I am not a fan of this kind of food but for those vegetables lovers, I think this feels like heaven for them. I tried it though, but with just a few leaves and I was done. I was able to eat this vegetable salad even if I no longer have gallbladder. There’s no side effects that I encountered afterwards. No upset stomach, no bloating whatsoever. It may be because I only ate a little.

My colleagues were also not into veggie salad. That left the other bowl untouched.

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