life without gallbladder

Life Without Gallbladder

A journey of life after gallbladder removal surgery

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Gallstones are crystallized substances that can occur within the biliary tree, including the gallbladder and the common bile duct. These stones are composed of cholesterol, bile pigments, and calcium salts. The size varies as well as its chemical structure. It can be as small as a sand grain or as large as a golf ball.

Most likely, the gallstone forms in gallbladder as it stores a concentrate of bile. This bile came from the liver that aids digesting food in the intestine, particularly in fat emulsification. The gallstone that forms in gallbladder can block the normal flow of bile when it dislodges into the ducts; the hepatic ducts that carry bile out from the liver. The cystic duct that take bile to and from the gallbladder. And the common bile duct that passes the bile from cystic and hepatic ducts to the small intestine.

Got Admitted After The Operation

Last week I got admitted to the Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital as I experienced again a severe abdominal and back pains. The pain only subsided when Dra. Singidas told the nurse to administer nubain because for 4 hours since I was admitted in the hospital, no ordinary pain reliever medicines (oral and intravenous) managed to mellow the pain. And before that, I even took a pain reliever tablet before we went to the hospital.

Series of laboratory exams were made. More blood were extracted. The nurse took blood samples 3 times with 2 vials each hit. The findings Dr. Rosello was that either before or during the lap chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) operation there was a stone that went out from the gallbladder. Then, he advised me to undergo ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) procedure.

Living Life Without Gallbladder

This is my journey of living a life with no gallbladder. My gallbladder was removed around 10 am on October 1, 2009 through Lap Chole (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) procedure – a 3-spot incision at the Cebu Doctors University Hospital. The operation was performed by Dr. Don Edward Rosello with Dr. Stephen Aldrich Alsay, the anesthesiologist who put me to sleep.

My life is not the same after the operation, it is the start of a new day, new perspective.

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