Test: Drinking cola for 1 week

No gallbladder and Pepsi Max

After my test on eating fried chicken, I made another test – drinking 1 glass of cola per day for 1 week. And since I already drank a glass in the fast food, I only needed 6 more days.

I was thinking like, how will my system react if I drink cola for 1 week? Knowing that I now live a life without gallbladder.

It so happened that when we went to SM Cebu grocery they have a bonus promo. And the first thing I saw was the pack of 3 Pepsi Max. So I checked the price on the pack and compared to the individual bottles. And it was less and also had a free ketchup. But before I put the pack in the push cart, I checked on the expiry date. And the best before date was way to far – May 14, 2010. So, I added the Pepsi Max trio in the cart.
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